Fall Tendencies

Fall is finally here!


Hopefully, the weather will get the memo and it'll start cooling down a bit, but either way, fall is upon us!

This means, pumpkin everything is back. If you're like me, you might not be on board with all the pie, latte, cookie and whatever else pumpkin-flavored, however, you might be totally on board with using this fall staple for your home decor. And if you're not, these inspo photos and ideas might just change your mind.


Let's start with classic and timeless...white + neutral-colored pumpkins! 

Even if you like the real deal instead of faux pumpkins, you can still go ahead and paint them. You can choose 3 to 5 tones of creamy whites to mix and match your pumpkins. And if you are feeling a little extra, you can add liquid gold.

White + neutral pumpkins are easy to dress up for a fancy dinner or down to a more casual set up, it all depends on how you style them.

Unconventional monochromatic schemes will become a trend this fall, trust me! And by unconventional, I mean colors that you don't usually find pumpkins in. If you apply your favorite one to a set of pumpkins, it will make your mantle, porch, or any place, look amazing. The final look is so beautiful and cohesive that you don't need anything else. 
Although the use of dark hues is not exclusively a fall trend, you can definitely hop on board for this season and go back to lighter colors for the rest of the year if you prefer that. You don't necessarily have to compromise by painting a wall or changing a big piece of furniture. Darker colors can be easily included in your decor with pillows, table runners, vases, and little accents. Always keep in mind that even when these colors are being introduced for a limited time to your home, the still have to be cohesive with the rest of your style. Choose 1 to 3 dark colors that complement each other as well as your existing ones.
Signs are a more obvious kind of decor, but they are always a favorite!
You can go with traditional signs or modern ones with a twist. Either way, always remember to support small businesses & local artists!

Do you have a favorite current or timeless fall decor trend that you just absolutely love?
Let me know in the comments, I am working on a major restock to our fall line...your ideas are always inspiring!


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