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Brush Lettering 101 - Workshop 5/16

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Welcome to Brush Lettering 101 – where we’re all about getting you hooked on the magic of brush strokes and beautiful lettering!

If you’ve ever wanted to add a personal touch to your art or just doodle in style, this workshop is your ticket to calligraphy coolness. Perfect for beginners itching to dip their toes (and brushes) into the world of brush lettering, we promise a fun, laid-back vibe where mistakes are just happy accidents waiting to happen!

Brush Lettering 101 is your chance to learn the ropes, from nailing those basic strokes to rocking full-on quotes like a lettering legend. No judgment here – just good vibes and plenty of practice.

Throughout the workshop, we’ll dive into the nitty-gritty of brush control, play around with different pressures, and sprinkle in some sweet tricks for keeping your letters looking fly. 

Whether you’re dreaming of decking out your journal, jazzing up your planner, or just scribbling for the sheer joy of it, Brush Lettering 101 is your ultimate playground. So grab a brush, kick back, and let your creativity flow – because with us, every stroke is a step closer to lettering greatness!

Take home:
Dual brush marker
Lettering guide
Practice sheets
Practice PDF

🎨 Date & Time:
Thursday May 216th, 8:00-10:00PM

📍 Location:
The Workshop at Artisanat

$55 per person

Listing is for an IN PERSON workshop