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Photo frame hack - easy DIY!
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Photo frame hack - easy DIY!

I've been dreaming up this gallery wall in our home ever since we visited the model home and IT FINALLY HAPPENED!
Once I decided and got the frames we were using, I wanted to add dimension and some character to our frames. This resulted in the easiest & fastest DIY I've done.

Granted, I do have a huge stack of crafting materials, which made this simple and accesible...but still, all you need is some faux leather, double-sided tape, a drill, screws, a paper cutter/scissors and a frame!

I used a roll of faux leather from Hobby Lobby and Scotch brand double-sided tape. However if you have any similar materials available I would encourage you to use those and make it work with what you have. Just make sure your leather is strong enough so it won't break over time.
I started by measuring the width of the frame since I wanted the strip to be the same size. Cut a strip that is twice that size, so once you fold it, it is the right size.
Place a strip of double-sided tape along one edge.
and fold it in half so that both edges align perfectly.
You now have a double sided strip of faux leather, and it is already looking good!
In order to provide a little more support for the screw, add some tape on each end and fold over about 3/4 of an inch. 
You made it so far! And it's only been what? Like 8 minutes, right? 
Keep going, you are about to finish this up and I bet you will love the result.
Before drilling, add a strip of tape to each side of the frame, 1-1.5 inch should be enough. Place the faux leather stripe in place.
It is time to drill a tiny hole that will serve as a guide for the screw and prevent the frame from cracking. Make sure you use a drill that is as wide or a little thiner than the screw you will use. 
Be really careful when drilling (just as when operating any other power tool), make sure you are on a sturdy surface and no fingers are in the way!
After you drill, place the screw in place. Do this step with a screwdriver to prevent unnecessary force from damaging the frame.

You are done with the easiest DIY ever, and I bet it looks amazing!
Try it and tag us on social media, we would love to see the final results.

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