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Do it! It's just paint!
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Do it! It's just paint!

When this quarantine started, I decided to look at the bright side...a few weeks at home meant a lot of projects finally getting done! 

The first one I did was a mural in our laundry room and then completed the space with a DIY industrial rack. It took about 2 days to plan, paint, paint, paint and finally put the rack up

I decided to start with this for 2 main reasons

  • I had some left over paint already at home
  • and, most importantly, I needed to loose the fear.
    Fear of painting a white wall (the perfect shade of white), fear of experimenting, fear of jumping in and getting to that point of no return. Fear of just doing it!

I know that it can be pretty intimidating to paint a mural at home, or anywhere for that matter, they always feel so permanent. But guess what? It never is! You can always go back and cover up in case you end up not liking it, so what's the big deal?

If this is something you have been Pinning, saving on Instagram, screenshotting, or just dying to try out, JUST DO IT! I promise you'll have fun and end up with a great creation & feeling proud of yourself.

For our laundry room, I wanted something simple, organic and atemporal. After scrolling through thousands of inspo images, I discovered that horizontal lines were definitely what I wanted for the space. So I gathered the materials I needed and jumped into action.

I divided the wall in different lines trying to keep them pretty organic to prevent a predicted pattern. Then, I put my favorite song and went on to draw all this tiny lines to have as a guide.

After this, there was no turning back. I poured paint into a cup and went for what felt like days painting lines in different widths and lengths. It's important to take breaks when you are working on a vertical or a higher wall, since your neck, back and arms can - and will - get tired.


Always remember to cover up!

For our rack, I used some pipes we already had in the workshop. But you can easily get everything you need from a local hardware store.
First, make sure to find a stud, once you have it, measure up the space to both sides of it. Use this dimensions to get the pipes, if you can't find any that work for your space, get them cut. Home Depot and Lowe's will do this for you.
You will also need a base, a T connector, and caps. We used a black matte spray paint to make it look more uniform.

And this is how it looks...I love it! It even makes folding clothes a fun task.

I invite you to challenge these fears and the annoying voice in our heads who likes to hold us back, and create your own mural at home!


Share with me on Instagram if you do! @artisanathomedecor

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