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 Melissa here, waving and jumping all over the place since having YOU, here, makes me all sorts of happy and excited.

 I am the owner, creative mind and dreamer behind Artisanat. You might have already visited us, or you might just know Artisanat from our website or social media. You might even have just stumbled upon this as a happy accident and decided to look into Artisanat. Whatever it is that brought you here, to read this post, I am happy it happened & I am thankful for you. And I hope you are hooked for a lifetime of design, DIYs, crafts and all things home décor.

When I dreamed of Artisanat, I had one idea in mind: to offer the best small batch, handcrafted, one of a kind and all around bad-ass items made from talented artists and artisans around the world. And guess what? That’s exactly what happened!

We work with brilliant creative minds from all over the place and to tell you the truth, it feels like I am living THE dream. I get to imagine, design and create. I get to pick items to be included to our collection. I get to see beauty, innovation and unbelievably amazing pieces. This doesn’t mean all days are pretty, or every day is full of perfect creations, or that this is an easy job. It just means every day I get the opportunity to be challenged, motivated and inspired by these minds. I dare you to tell me this is not like living the dream, go on…

Join the adventure as I go through life, learning, growing and DIY-ing. Some days it will be all hands-on projects, some others it might be a harsh look at ourselves, others it will be aesthetics, tips and design. But I promise I do all these to inspire you, to motivate you and above all, to challenge those little voices in our heads that like to mess up with us and make us believe there are things we cannot do – because we can.

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  • Ana

    This artist and store has inspire me so much to reinvent my personal space. Got ideas from Mels DIYs and then ran to her online store and picked up so assets to make my visions come true! Everything is just so lovely and unique and the costumer services and artistic advice from her is top notch!

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